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Filmi i ri i Skenderbeut Trial Movie lexo ketu...

llyria Entertainment Group proudly presents a powerful and gripping documentary account of the life and times of a great warrior We must travel far, both in place and time.
The country is Albania; the century is the fifteenth; and the warrior is Gjergj Kastrioti, commonly known as Scanderbeg. Through interviews, re-enactments, and research, we shall resurrect and bring to the world one of history’s greatest forgotten leaders.
The year 2005 commemorates the 600th anniversary of his birth. Long overdue, this project is an analysis and study of the man, the myth, and the legacy that is Scanderbeg.
Before there was the nation, there was the man. Albania is not defined by borders alone, but was first conceived as an idea; then, through struggle and sacrifice the idea became a nation.

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